Monopoly - The Isle of Arran Edition launches in March 2010. An official, yet very limited edition, Arran Monopoly is already proving to be one of the most talked about products on the island and pre-ordered copies are being reserved for customers as far afield as New Zealand, Alaska and Japan.

This website gives you more information on the game, the reasoning behind it and how we may be able to help you with producing your own custom-branded ideas.

If you want to skip all that and just buy a copy, we'll happily allow you to do so. Pop along to  to buy a copy online, or call in to our shop at the pier in Brodick.

The Idea of Arran Monopoly

The Arran Edition of Monopoly was an "easy way" to publish a board game for the island. With a strong community of 4000 people, many of whom have friends and family who visit regularly, and with visitors numbering over 250,000 a year, it made sense to produce something in conjunction with a world-recognised brand that would appeal to Arran lovers everywhere. Although we'd initially thought of producing our own board game, it was far easier picking up the phone to contact Hasbro and within a day or two, the deal was already being negotiated.

Sadly, this has involved a contract involving real money, not just "monopoly money"! However, it was an easier process than we first thought.



As with many regional versions, Arran Monopoly has been sponsored by local businesses. Logos, contact information and websites have been used around the board and some much needed revenue was created to help fulfil the obligations of the contract. We are deeply indebted to our sponsors and trust that they will benefit from this unique opportunity to appear on the game board - for life.


Further Information & Other Editions of Monopoly

Following several phone calls and a trip to London, we are delighted that our contract with Winning Moves UK Ltd (agents for Hasbro), has generated a good working relationship between the three companies concerned in the production of this edition of Monopoly. We have discussed other editions that are pending and also the ability to assist in the concept and design of other one-off regionalised or corporate versions. If you would like to know more, please do not hesitate to contact us, with the understanding that anything we discuss will be subject to strict governance by Winning Moves UK Ltd and Hasbro.

Our contact information:


Arran Graphics & Computers Ltd

P O Box 2060

Isle of Arran

KA27 8YB. Scotland.


Winning Moves UK Ltd can be contacted through their website at